Retrofitting Housing

Retrofitting Housing

I’ve been pushing for government to retrofit social housing and other government-owned properties for water and energy efficiency to reduce emissions, increase liveability and reduce costs for tenants. Recent Solar Citizens research shows that social and community housing properties could provide 650MW of rooftop solar, which could create hundreds of jobs, save 150,000 households an average of $860 a year and provide $127 million annually in bill savings, while offsetting 10.6 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over 20 years. The report > HERE.

Solar Citizens have briefed me on the strong evidence supporting government investment and incentives to help the transition to renewable energy and I support their campaign. Send a message to the energy minister calling for solar on social housing > HERE.

My questions in Parliament about thermal performance > HERE, retrofitting social housing > HERE, solar photovoltaic and solar hot water in government buildings > HERE, retrofitting schools > HERE, rooftop solar in rental properties > HERE and 7-star energy efficiency > HERE.  

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