Star Casino Redevelopment

Star Casino Redevelopment


The Star Casino wants to build a massive 237-metre hotel and residential tower on its site adjacent to the water and drastically higher than any buildings in its vicinity. The tower would act as a sundial, casting shadows moving through Pyrmont homes, streets, parks and public open space up to Darling Harbour, throughout the year with impacts the worst in winter. The tower would impose on views from important vantage points like Union Square, King Street Wharf, Pirrama Park and the Barangaroo Headland Park.

The proposal breaches height, floor space and zoning restrictions, fails to reflect any strategic planning and has no planning merit. It is being assessed under remnant Part 3A provisions even though the tower and residential development are a significant variation from previous approvals. I have lodged an objection and urge you to also make a submission.

Information HERE and my submission is HERE. Sign my petition opposing this overdevelopment HERE

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