Rushed Lockouts "Recipe for Chaos"

Rushed Lockouts "Recipe for Chaos"

Alex Greenwich, Independent Member for Sydney, warns that bringing forward the start of lockouts and early venue closures without consultation will be a “recipe for chaos”.

Mr Greenwich said:

“If the Government is serious about making its plan work, it would work with venue operators, police and transport services before commencing changes to ensure they are seamless and inform communities to reduce confusion on the streets.

“Stakeholders need time to plan so they can put in place adequate resources and inform staff, and police need to be prepared".

Mr Greenwich said changes could have a negative impact on this year’s Mardi Gras celebration:

“Although official Mardi Gras events fall outside the times and location of the new conditions, many people celebrating the Mardi Gras festival including international visitors will be prevented from going to LGBTI venues along Oxford Street”

“We can expect long queues on the street with potential for conflict, large crowds all trying to get home at the same time with insufficient transport, and all of this announced just three weeks before our community welcomes tens of thousands of visitors”

Mr Greenwich is also concerned that other venues including live music and performance venues have not been consulted or given the opportunity to plan for changes.

“Responsibly run live music venues throughout the new precinct will be negatively affected with concerts and other events cut back or cancelled”

“I’m worried about staff being cut earlier than expected and young people particularly coming under financial stress”

Mr Greenwich will ask the Government to delay the lockouts until after this year’s Mardi Gras season, and has called for venues associated with major events such as Vivid to be given extended trading to safely manage increased numbers. 

For further information contact Alex Greenwich on 9360 3053.

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