Same-Sex Marriages Protected in NSW Law

Same-Sex Marriages Protected in NSW Law

13 November 2014

Alex Greenwich, Independent Member for Sydney, won government support to ensure NSW same-sex couples married overseas can have their marital status recognised by the NSW Relationships Register. This comes in response to Mr Greenwich’s Relationships Register Amendment (Recognition of Same-sex and Gender-diverse Relationships) Bill 2014.

Mr Greenwich said:
“Under these changes, same sex couples who marry overseas will be able to reflect their marital status on relevant forms and will no longer have to declare that they are not married.  The eligibility section of the guide for couples will also be updated to clarify that same sex couples who marry overseas are eligible to register their relationship.”
“This change acknowledges that a growing number of NSW citizens must travel overseas to marry the person they love, while waiting for the Federal Government to legislate for marriage equality”
“The inaction of federal governments, past and present, on marriage equality remains an embarrassing blight on our nation’s reputation for fairness, freedom and equality.”
“Fortunately the NSW Relationship Register will now ensure these marriages receive a level of protection and recognition in NSW, and I thank the Attorney-General for working with me towards this outcome”
The updated Births, Deaths, and Marriages Relationships Register eligibility criteria and application form are available at the links below:
Registered Relationship Form 

Registered Relationship webpage

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