Stadia Games

Stadia Games

Monday 23 October 2017

The latest push by the Sydney Cricket Ground to build a new stadium conveniently coincides with a push to close Driver Avenue for ’security risks’. But Driver Avenue is closed during major events and I am concerned this is really a land grab with serious consequences for local residents and businesses. I’ve asked the Premier to reject this move, see my letters.  

Letter to Premier - Driver Avenue Closure - HERE

Letter on Alexandria to Moore Park Connectivity - HERE

I’m continuing to ask questions in Parliament about the future of Moore Park including the Entertainment Quarter as there are indications of further SCG encroachments. The Entertainment Quarter’s failures should not be used as an excuse to let the SCG build more buildings and car parks there at a time when the inner city urgently needs more community recreation facilities like netball courts.

At the same time, the government wants to connect the stadia with Westconnex, with road widening, clearways, removal of over 100 trees and property acquisitions. This involves a six lane highway for 120,000 cars a day and a massive $500 million intersection at Anzac Parade and Dacey Avenue. I continue to oppose this absurd and destructive proposal and encourage you to make your opposition known to the Premier.

I’m working with adjacent MPs and Lord Mayor Clover Moore to protect our precious parklands and we will keep you informed with any community action needed.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!