Strata Pet Reform

Strata Pet Reform

Lack of clarity in the law around companion animals in apartments has led to many costly legal battles to resolve disputes. Last week I was proud to successfully introduce reforms to provide that clarity for the benefit of animals, pet owners and apartment communities.

My changes build on Animal Justice Party (AJP) amendments passed in the Legislative Council last year and the recent Court of Appeal ruling prohibiting pet bans without links to impacts on other lot owners. Pet bans will not be permitted except in a few limited circumstances where the keeping of an animal would unreasonably interfere with another resident’s use and enjoyment of their home or common property. The regulations will define these circumstances following consultation in line with terms set out in law.

I negotiated these reforms between the government and the AJP and received unanimous support in the Legislative Assembly. The changes are expected to pass the Legislative Council this week.

COVID-19 has increased pet ownership and companion animals have helped people get through a difficult time. As someone who lives with Max my rescue dog, I understand the importance of pets to health and wellbeing. But there is a cruel side to the pet industry and during debate I called on the house to outlaw puppy farming, which I will work with MLC Emma Hurst from the AJP to do.

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