Sydney Electorate Local Senior Achievement Award Winner Sylvia Liu

Sydney Electorate Local Senior Achievement Award Winner Sylvia Liu

(Community Recognition Statement, 19 March 2014, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

I wish to commend the work of Sylvia Liu, whom I have awarded my Sydney electorate Local Senior Achievement Award.

Sylvia volunteers with the Harris Community Centre in Ultimo and set up the Rainbow Culture Group, putting her vision of an integrated multicultural community into practice through groups and events where people share cultural experiences. She runs fusion tai chi sessions and hosts a language forum for people of non-English-speaking background to learn Australian social etiquette, traditions and heritage as well as English. At the forum, English speakers learn about Chinese language and culture. Sylvia organises multicultural Christmas parties, music events, barbecues and outings. She has obtained City of Sydney grants to expand these events and involve more people. I thank Sylvia for her commitment, her time and her passion, which add to the inner city's diversity and inclusion. I am pleased that Sylvia and some group members are here today to hear this.

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