Sydney Electorate Women

Sydney Electorate Women

I often hear really favourable reports about individuals who contribute positively to our community and particularly helping vulnerable people. In recognition of International Women’s Day this year, I put on record thanks to some of the amazing women who help make the inner city a great place to work, live and visit.

My Community Recognition Statements included congratulations to:

~ Erin Longbottom for her work managing the St Vincent's Hospital Homeless Health Service > HERE

~ Annie Crabb for her work on the 'Don't Block the Rocks' campaign against overdevelopment at Central Barangaroo > HERE  

~ Lesley Bentley for her leadership in the Pyrmont Peninsula Public Transport Forum > HERE

~ Ann Summers for her work as a leading voice for feminism and equality for over five decades > HERE

~ Karen Iles for her advocacy on sexual assault and with First Nations women > HERE

~ Robyn Greaves for many years work with the Kings Cross Community Centre > HERE

~ Colleen Hepburn for her active role as an advocate for and representing social housing tenants > HERE

~ Ann McCormick in recognition of her expertise in Australian history, art and culture > HERE

~ Jossie van Gorkom for her work supporting social housing tenants > HERE

~ Yasmina Bonnet in recognition of her contribution to the campaign that got Sydney first harbour swimming spot in over 50 years at Marrinawi Cove at Barangaroo > HERE.

Please contact my office if you know of other local residents who contribute so positively to our community.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!