Tough Times Ahead

Tough Times Ahead

This is an extremely tough time for many around the world and here in Australia.

So many Sydneysiders have reached out to share their shock and sadness at the horrific scenes unfolding in Israel and the Gaza Strip. 

As the conflict continues, I will work with all levels of government to promote harmony here in Australia, condemn the loss of innocent life, support aid being delivered to those in need, and urge a path to peace. 

It is also just one week since the heartbreaking defeat of the Voice to parliament. I’m grateful to everyone who volunteered in Sydney and secured a victory in every single polling place in Sydney, but I share the sadness and disappointment that we did not succeed nationally. In consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders, I will keep you posted on what we can do to move forward on the path to reconciliation. 

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!