Uluru Voice

Uluru Voice

The only way to close the gap of Indigenous disadvantage caused by over two centuries of dispossession and racism is to work in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with self-determination at the forefront.

The 2017 First Nations National Constitution Convention set a blueprint for the way forward under the Uluru Statement of the Heart which called for representative voices to parliaments, treaty and constitutional recognition.

In Parliament I again expressed my support for the statement and welcomed the Albanese Government’s first step through a referendum for an Indigenous voice to federal Parliament. As someone who has led a campaign on a national vote, I know the challenges ahead but ultimately it can unite us, as it did when marriage equality passed.

It is time to walk with, talk with and sit with First Nations people and jointly acknowledge our shared history of invasion and resistance. The First People’s Assembly of Victoria has already been established and currently leading a treaty process, and all other states are making progress. I also called on the New South Wales parliament to start work here.

Read the statement > HERE and the explainer summary at The Conversation > HERE. My latest Parliamentary questions on NSW action > HERE.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart has won the Sydney Peace Prize and you can attend the award and lecture 6.30pm Thursday 10 November at Sydney Town Hall > HERE.

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