Alex's Update Issue 161

Alex's Update Issue 161

Monday 21 March 2016

Draconian Protest Law, Moore Park Plan Exposed, Sydney Nightlife, Assisted Reproductive Technology, Dementia Aged Care Darlinghurst and Seniors Concerts

Draconian Protest Law

I opposed the draconian Inclosed Lands, Crimes and Law Enforcement Legislation Amendment (Interference) Bill, which hikes fines, increases search powers and creates new offences for peaceful protesters. The aim is clearly about curbing protests at mines but other protests will be affected. Healthy democracies encourage public display of opinion and do not punish dissent against government decisions and policies. My speech HERE

Moore Park Plan Exposed

I encourage you to listen to the explosive Radio National Background Briefing exposé which links the Tibby Cotter Bridge that we fiercely opposed for its damage to the parklands and failure to meet pedestrian and cyclist needs, to a long term plan to build stadia and car parks on Moore Park. The parklands continue to be treated with contempt; the government now says it will divert a six lane highway on Moore Park to slightly speed up light rail construction. This is especially concerning given Background Briefing showed the Tibby Cotter Bridge was designed to accommodate vehicles.

I’ve been asking a number of questions in Parliament on protecting Moore Park but we need a concerted community campaign to stop this alienation and I urge you to join the Saving Moore Park campaign:, and

You can listen to the ‘Moore Park Giveaway’ program at 9pm Tuesday 22 March on Radio National 576AM or online at

Sydney Nightlife

We don’t want to return to times when emergency services were filled with victims of alcohol associated violence on Friday and Saturday nights, but the 2014 lockout laws need to be improved as there is significant concern that they are destroying Sydney’s nightlife, and live and electronic music scenes. I told Parliament that we need to get the balance right so that we maintain safety and Sydney is vibrant at night. My speech HERE.

Assisted Reproductive Technology

In Parliament I welcomed changes to the Assisted Reproductive Technology Act which will ensure lesbian couples can use the same donor even if he has already donated to five women. In 2010 a ‘five women limit’ was introduced to reduce chances of individuals conceived with the same donor unknowingly becoming romantically involved. This was never a risk for lesbian couples whose children are raised as siblings and a ‘five family limit’ will be used. The bill awaits debate in the upper House. My speech  HERE.

Dementia Aged Care Darlinghurst

St John's Anglican Church, Darlinghurst and HammondCare are planning redevelopment of the car wash site at 118a Darlinghurst Road, into an aged care facility for homeless people with psycho-geriatric needs such as dementia. There is a public meeting about the proposal Tuesday March 22 from 6.30-8.30pm in the St Johns Church Hall Darlinghurst Road. Information: HammondCare, telephone 1300 426 666 or [email protected].

Seniors Concert Tickets

For free tickets to the Seniors Festival concerts on 5 and 6 April (two concerts each day) HERE

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!