Update Issue 147

Update Issue 147

17 November 2015

Millers Point Progress, Council Amalgamation, Business Vote Burden, Brothels Inquiry, Out for Australia and People’s Climate March


I welcome the government’s decision to retain 28 properties for the most vulnerable social housing tenants in Millers Point. I commend Minister Hazzard for this decision and will keep working with the community to exclude other lower value, non-heritage properties from sale to ensure more residents can stay in the community they have built. Congratulations to the local community for their work and this step.

See the Sun-Herald report is HERE. Tenants who want to be considered for one of these properties should get advice from Redfern Tenants Advice & Advocacy Service, phone 9698 5975.


The Premier did not rule out sacking the democratically elected Woollahra councillors in reply to my question in Parliament on allowing this financial strong council to stand alone.  

It looks increasingly like the government will remove democratically elected councils and force mergers regardless of community views and councils’ fitness for the future. My question is HERE.


I‘ve been contacted by City of Sydney residents who’ve received letters and forms from council for a new and separate business and non-residential voting roll. The process is complex and burdensome for council and will cost $12 million. Residents have to complete forms to show they are not eligible for extra votes! For information, phone 1800 101 667.

I opposed this legislation and developed a Private Members Bill that would have provided an easy and streamlined process, but the government supported the undemocratic Shooters and Fishers Bill, giving business two votes and leaving the City of Sydney with a cumbersome electoral process that also puts residents and business operators at risk of large fines. 

Let the Minister for Local Government know if you have concerns: telephone 8574 7000 or email [email protected]


Along with other non-government members of the Parliamentary Select Committee into the Regulation of Brothels, I opposed the committee’s final report because it ignored the overwhelming majority of evidence to recommend licensing of all brothels. The sex industry was decriminalised in response to the Wood Royal Commission into police corruption and licensing has shown to push sex work underground, with sex workers less likely to use health and welfare services or contact police to report violence. NSW sex workers have the lowest rates of STIs and our regulatory framework is considered world’s best practice.

The inquiry report is available HERE and my speech in Parliament HERE.


Out for Australia identified that in the last year 49 per cent of LGBTQI employees actively hid or avoided disclosure and 39 per cent were exposed to unfair treatment based on their gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

Join me at the inaugural fundraising event for Out for Australia, which I helped launch, that connects LGBTI students and graduates with LGBTI mentors in some of Australia's leading organisations. The night is hosted by Dame Marie Bashir with former David Jones CEO Paul Zahra, and MC SBS' Ricardo Goncalves. Tickets available HERE.


Join concerned citizens across the world for the People’s Climate March calling for action at the United Nations Climate Summit in Paris. The Sydney rally and march starts 12.30pm at the Domain on Sunday 29 November. Sign up now for details, www.peoplesclimate.org.au/sydney

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!