Voice Action

Voice Action

The federal parliament has now passed the bill to proceed with a referendum on the Voice to Parliament. The Voice is an important step in this country’s journey towards full reconciliation with First Nations people and closing the gap.

The Voice culminates from the historic Uluru Statement of the Heart in 2017 which set a pathway for all Australians to move forward together and reconcile the past. The Voice will enshrine First Nations people in the constitution and ensure they will always have a voice on decisions that affect their lives. It is not radical.

Unfortunately, there is an increasing amount of disinformation and misinformation in the public arena about what the Voice to Parliament will achieve. Now is a great time to learn about the Voice and how it would operate. Check these explanations:

The Voice idea has been around for a long time > HERE.

The proposed amendment to the constitution > HERE.

How the Voice will add to democracy > HERE.

Answers to common questions about the Voice > HERE.

The RMIT FactLab cross checks content on Facebook and Instagram> HERE.

You can protect yourself against misinformation > HERE.

The Australian Electoral Commission explains how the referendum will work > HERE.

In Parliament I put on record why I support the proposal for the Federal Indigenous Voice to Parliament > HERE. Show your support by linking up with the Yes23 campaign > HERE.  

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