Welfare Rights Centre 40 Years

Welfare Rights Centre 40 Years

(Community Recognition Statement, 12 September 2023, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

On behalf of the Sydney electorate, I congratulate the Welfare Rights Centre on 40 years of service to the community. Since 1983, the Welfare Rights Centre has provided important help for vulnerable people to access vital income support and challenge unfair Centrelink decisions. Throughout this time, the Welfare Rights Centre has offered free legal information and representation to thousands of people adversely affected by Centrelink decisions each year.

The Welfare Rights Centre is the lead social security law and policy agency in NSW, championing law and policy reform to make the Australian social security system fairer and more accountable. The Royal Commission into the Robodebt Scheme highlighted the importance of being able to dispute unfair Centrelink debt and reverse discriminatory policy decisions. I regularly refer people in the Sydney electorate to the Welfare Rights Centre and value the dedication of the board, staff and volunteers who continue to help disadvantaged and marginalised people.

I thank the Welfare Rights Centre for four decades and trust you will continue to be there for people in need of this basic human right.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!