Westconnex Deals

Westconnex Deals

Tuesday 1 May 2018

The most destructive part of the WestConnex project – Stage 3 – has received planning approval despite clear community objection and evidence that it will result in disastrous traffic congestion and air pollution.

The Rozelle Interchange and tunnelling between Haberfield and St Peters haven’t even been designed, giving the soon to be privatised Sydney Motorway Corporation broad flexibility to build. I am concerned deals will aim to increase the sale price at community expense, such as commitments to underwrite tolls or not build public transport, and I will ask questions in Parliament this week.

The project keeps expanding, with impacts spreading including the loss of Moore Park land to widen roads to deal with cars coming off the St Peters interchange and 24-7 shipping at Glebe Island to supply concrete for the project. The environmental cost for the community and the financial costs for future governments are astronomical. There’s an emergency protest at Parliament House today Tuesday 12.30pm.

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