Westconnex is Back

Westconnex is Back

8 December 2015

Another WestConnex EIS is on exhibition, this one for the M5 link between St Peters and the existing M5 East Motorway east of King Georges Road. It involves two nine-kilometre tunnels: one three lanes the other five lanes wide, though this EIS would allow use of two lanes in each. There will be interchanges, tolling infrastructure, ventilation stacks, road widening, portals, a road bridge and a motorway control centre, as well as environment loss including the Green and Golden Bell Frog’s critical habitat.

The project will bring more traffic into the city and inner west, with the whole 33 kilometre project resulting in only 20 per cent bus time improvements for six services in the AM peak and six services in the PM peak when it first opens. This is an unsustainable approach to transport planning and I continue to argue that we need to invest in mass public transport. I encourage you to make a submission. Information is HERE.  

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