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Egg Production and Animal Welfare

20 Oct 2022

(Private Members' Statement, 20 October 2022, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament) The Sydney el.....

Standing Up for Forests

17 Oct 2022

I supported a petition signed by over 20,000 New South Wales residents calling for an end to the .....

GoodFish Guide

17 Oct 2022

The latest version of the GoodFish Guide gives you scientific environmental assessments of over 1.....

Stadia Transport

16 Oct 2022

Response > HERE...

Dam Wall

10 Oct 2022

I opposed 2018 laws that would allow raising the Warragamba Dam to override existing prohibitions.....

Trap Neuter Release

10 Oct 2022

I’m sponsoring an e-petition to the NSW Parliament calling for Trap Neuter Release and Rehome (TN.....

Logging Rally

10 Oct 2022

After reaching 20,000 signatures, the community petition to end native forest logging will be deb.....

Live Export Ban

10 Oct 2022

The federal government committed to ending live animal exports, but no action has been taken yet .....

Port of Newcastle (Extinguishment of Liability) Bill 2022

09 Oct 2022

(Second Reading Debate, 8 November 2022, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)  I strongly suppor.....

Moore Park Transport

02 Oct 2022

See our letter > HERE..